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2013.04.26. - A lot of things changed about Fucked Up Propaganda, see the menu About if you want to read more

2013.04.03. - We have moved, this is the new, ad-free page. There will be changes in policy, distribution etc. if you are interested, check us out in about 2 weeks!

2013.01.31. - The new Nodens album is out now! You can download it here.

2013.01.10. - HiperÁnusz is represented with a few songs on the V.A. release Szolnok Local Heroes Extreme Edition Vol. 2. Only to be released online (so far). To check it out (only in Hungarian) -> Szolnokzene

2013.01.02. - Hold, the superb zine, with a lot of interviews, movie and music reviews is out now! In Hungarian only tho

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