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FUP has stopped being an actual label, as we stopped the production of music in the form of CDs (tapes, vinyls, DVDs...)! Any letters, messages you send about this issue, will NOT be replied!

If you are looking for a label in Hungary to work with your band: the best of wishes, but try someone else!

Although, if you think that a song represented on this site would suit your compilation or whatever, do include it, even without asking for permission (though you would make us truly happy is you would send a link of the release). All our remaining CDs can still be ordered.

About mailorder: send me a mail where you list the items you want to order, and in the response I'll give you my adress and the price it/they will cost. Every mail is answered within 1-3 days.

Postage fares (please note that this is an estimation, which is subject to change without notice):

Europe: Weight Price

0-250 g : 4 Eur

251 - 500 g : 6 Eur

501 - 1000 g : 8 Eur

1001-2000 g : 14 Eur

World: Weight Price

0-250 g : 5 Eur

251 - 500 g : 7 Eur

501 - 1000 g : 11 Eur

1001-2000 g : 16 Eur

1 CD usually weighs at about 220g, when carefully packed.

If you want to order a heavier pack, please contact us and we'll discuss the price.

We also trade our releases, if interested, please send a mail to us!

Fun fact: if you vomit from the mp3 quality, drop me a mail and I will upload your desired songs in WAV.

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