Fucked Up Propaganda is a group, formed by bands and music projects from the Jász-Nagykun-Szolnok county of Hungary. The idea of this "label" is to help each other out in the underground. FUP does not produce bands from outside Hungary, and - possibly - never will. All music are free to download, although - if in stock/there is a physical form - you can still order these from us.

Current members:

Bestial WarSex is a project, given life by Dr.Juice at the end of 2008, to flood the world with dirty black 'n' roll. Three demos were made during 2009 (...Now!, I Will Fuck You, War Against Asexual Pacifists), these assembled form the demo Sexed to Death. These releases were only ditributed on the internet, which will propably remain like that in the future. BWS were to release a split with Eternal Holocaust, though with the decease of EH in 2011-2012, this idea was thrown out. A new Ep is under construction, which will feature those songs and some new ones, all in a rethinked but still filthy form! It will be called : This ain't Rock'n'Roll! This is Genocide! (or something like that). Possibly released late-spring, early-summer of 2013.

Status: in studio, around pubs near studio.

This project started out from the band MalgatuM, which were the first melodic black-death metal band of Đ. After MalgatuM basically stopped touring, and started its long long sleep, Đ thought it would be a shame to let the songs he wrote for that band go to waste.

Tamás, Bálint, Đ, Viking; Malgatum 2006

In early 2010, Đ created this project, to show these songs to the underground. In October, his first demo was released, with 4 songs, the demo titled Black Sun God. An Ep was released in June 2011, titled Nebula, with a bit different, but more concept-driven music, focusing more on the cosmos and less on this planet. After the release, a lot of things happened, and the first full-lenghth, which were to be released in mid 2012, came out only in early 2013. The album is titled Voyager, and it features two musicians from the earlier recordings: Kulik Csaba with a solo in the song Voyager, and Korb Tamás with a solo in Hypernova Rush, and the vocal parts in the song Voyager. Hopefully, this wasn't the last Nodens release, but as when the next will come out, there isn't even a slight idea.

Status: vacation

A photo from the series sent to the magazine HOLD for the featured Nodens interview in 2012.

Eternal Holocaust was formed by Hatred (guitars/vocals) and Nargot (bass) in 2003. After playing the songs of traditional black metal bands, they started to write their own songs, also, Kashshaptu joined the band to play rhytmguitars.

Nargot, Kashshaptu, Hatred(Đ)

The 2004 demo

After some rehearsals, the first demo was released with 4 own songs and a Bathory cover. Due to certain circumstances, the band was put on hold, and Kashshaptu left the band. In 2010, the founding members revived EH, and after some work and experimenting, the demo Erase the Vatikan came out, containing a much rawer and direct black metal.

EH live 2011, Nargot and Đ

Eternal Holocaust is currently "on hold", the date of revival is unknown.

Status: eternal slumber

Filthy music from filthy people. Some guys from Szolnok, from the band Fiktív: Gyula Rácz, Imre "Makker" Márton and Péter Molnár formed the band with two vocalists, András Dudok and "Borisz" Balázs Borsi, and with Viktor Rozgonyi back in 2007. Rehearsals began, some songs were wrote, but Dudok left the band. A new force were gathered in 2009 when the younger Rozgonyi bro joined. The first show was done, in October at Rákóczifalva. The gig was a huge success, the crowd gone wild for the metal of the hairy boys. Everything went smooth from here, with occasional shows, with bands like Chief Rebel Angel, Cool Head Klan and Shapat Terror. After a year the line-up changed again, Borisz and Makker left, so Viking (P Rozgonyi) took on the vocal jobs alone. Basses are now handled by Đ. This line-up debuted with an awesome show, and after some months of rehearsing, the first demo were recorded in the march of 2011, with their most (in)famous songs.

Đ, Peti, Vitya, Viking

Gyula, Viking, Vitya

The band ceased to be in the early summer of 2012, when the guitarist Gyula left the band, before Đ also quit to focus more on his own music.

Status: drinking in the gardens

HiperÁnusz - The band was created by Krisztus Imszeminátor (instruments/vocals) and GregoriÁnusz (vocals) in 2010. Their first release came out in 2012, titled ANÁL. HiperÁnusz is working on songs with a much more oratorio-grindcore styled music.

Status: doing sick things in crowded places

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